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The C-suite: Time for Version 3.0?

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Version 1.0 was general managers with command and control styles. Version 2.0 had a prevalence of functional specialists with a divide and conquer approach. What is changing and what will version 3.0 look like?

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New Change, New Roles, New C-Suite

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The digital economy has brought immediacy into every aspect of being successful in the market place. If the new basis for competition is agility and speed, what are the implications for leadership roles and models?

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Time for CEOs to Step In and Stop CIO-CMO Bickering

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Marketing technology has become core to the success of a company. Paramount to leveraging that technology is CIO-CMO collaboration, but studies show that relationship is often dysfunctional. What is a CEO to do?

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Is the CDO really the next new direct report to the CEO?

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Peter Sondegard, the global head of Gartner Research, concludes that as a long term sustainable position the answer is no. Yet the CDO will exist primarily as a change agent, assisting the CEO and perhaps boards of companies in the change process that is driven by digitalization.

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The Disappearing COO

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There has been a steady decline in the number of companies with a COO on the leadership team.  Can one person really handle the strategic and operational aspects of a corporation effectively? Is leadership continuity and succession planning diminished?

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