An executive search assignment isn’t completed until a candidate is successfully assimilating into the organization and starting to make a contribution. Coffou Partners facilitates that assimilation by offering or recommending a variety of tools that can be used early in that process.

Early Assimilation Indicator Survey

Perceptions of a new leader start to form very early and once they are formed are very difficult to change. This Survey lends insight into how peers, senior leaders and staff members perceive a new leader is making progress in learning the business, developing relationships, establishing credibility and taking action that impacts the business. The results provide a foundation for constructive feedback and guidance to the new leader.

As part of the search process and within 90 days of starting, Coffou Partners asks key stakeholders in the client organization to complete an online 12-question survey that measures perception of how well a new leader is integrating into the organization. The results are summarized and shared with the new leader and the hiring manager.

New Leader Competency Assessment

Taking a rigorous and more in-depth approach to leadership competency assessment can be invaluable in the early phases of assimilation. One proven resource is Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks, a comprehensive 360-assessment tool that measures 16 competencies and 5 possible derailers and identifies the critical competencies that need to be developed to ensure success of a new leader.

Team Integration Workshops

A new leader must foster a strong performing team amongst the direct reports. Through a partnership with Goldberg Executive Coaching, Team Integration Workshops are designed to help the new leader engage with his or her team. These half-day workshops focus on better understanding one another, prioritizing key initiatives, defining team goals, and providing a forum for candid and transparent questions and answers.

Executive Coaching

Coffou Partners helps clients identify and network with appropriate executive coaching resources based on the level of the new leader, the issues at hand, and the organizational structure of the client.