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What adjectives do you use to describe your leadership style? They probably parrot corporate jargon. “I’m a leader who is inclusive, clear, collaborative, and focused on results. I am a coach, mentor, and a team player. Etc., etc., etc.” Do any of these words really distinguish you from the rest of the pack? Probably not!

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Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters

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A big, unresolved issue: what sort of leadership behavior should be encouraged? Is leadership so contextual that it defies standard definitions or development approaches? Recent research suggests a small subset of leadership skills closely correlates with leadership success. McKinsey concluded that four kinds of behavior account for 89% of leadership effectiveness.

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Lasting Value from Lean Management

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The disciplines of lean management correlate to tangible skills and ways of working that people and organizations can learn – which, over time, constitute culture – how people behave and think. The more the organization learns regarding each of the four disciplines, the more it can achieve and the faster it gets at learning and improving itself.

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Moving Mindsets on Gender Diversity

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Research shows women have the equal level of ambition as men to reach top senior leadership roles. But they are far less confident than their male counterparts of their ability to reach the top. What are two of the most important factors to change this? CEO commitment and a culture that supports gender diversity goals.

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Can Women Fix Capitalism?

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We’ve come a long way baby …. but not far enough. The percentage of women in leadership positions appears to have stalled. Evidence suggests that reshaping the approach to leadership that values feminine qualities and resonates with men can move the needle.

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