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Do Less

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Most successful leaders delegate virtually all the regular work to their staff, freeing their own time so that they can facilitate and orchestrate everyone else’s performance. Most managers do too much and need to stop doing what they do well. It’s not easy when leaders like their work and are driven to succeed. Are you sure you are truly a hands-off leader?

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The Work-Life Blend

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Yes, everyone is being asked to work more with less. But is managing the work-life balance really the challenge anymore? We need to accept the fact that the sharp demarcation between work and home is a thing of the past, and that the new normal is a life that integrates home and work more seamlessly.

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Multicultural Critical Theory. At B-school?

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Learning how to think critically — how to imaginatively frame questions and consider multiple perspectives — has historically been associated with a liberal arts education, not a business school curriculum. But business executives operating in a fast-changing, global market are realizing the value of thinking more nimbly across multiple frameworks, cultures and disciplines. How are MBA programs responding?

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